New credibility question haunts the govt. as details election results turn out highly critical

Faruque Ahmed
Disclosure of massive rigging of election results at every constituency and down to polling centers throughout the country has raised new question about the credibility of the government as being fairly elected government.
The government is running the country with the slogan ‘democracy for development’ but many question whether any democracy now exist in the country in the light of the new disclosures.
Meanwhile the government claim of big development is facing new question as it is mainly rich centric development where the poor and common people have been left in the sideline.
The jitters has come at a time when the government is otherwise doing fine. But the vast majority of people now believe it lacks the credentials for being properly elected by the people. In their view it is a government of wealthy powerful people who have returned to power under the cover of election.
They are gauging dissenting voices and grabbing the resources of the state by unfair means mainly removing money from banks and using the cover of big projects. Critics now openly blame this government is running the nation like an ‘autocratic’ regime which exonerating it of any accountability to the nation. The big development has hardly any material relation to the wellbeing of the common people.
The entire basis of the government has recently come under new question with the release of election results constituency-wise down to each and every polling center. The details appear quite devastating and also deeply embarrassing for the ruling Awami League now in third consecutive term of the government after December 30 election.
The scandal is so big and also enough to disqualify the government to claim to be an elected government in one hand but on the other it has prompted many to demand formation of a supreme judicial council to try the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for openly misusing of power.
He allowed massive rigging, use of muscle power by ruling party candidates and cunningly sheltered protection of law enforcers to such rigging to give election victory to ruling party candidates. He then signed the results and declined to entertain objection of the opposition candidates thus certifying ruling party candidates to have won the election victory.
Jurists say he has misused power and quite evidently acted for the ruling party destroying the neutrality of the constitutional posts. This is breach of trust and he must be accountable before the supreme judicial council.
SUJAN, a civil society organization working on election issues at a discussion at National Press Club on July 10 made detailed disclosure of the center-wise election results of all 300 constituencies only to reveal details.
It said in 213 polling center of 103 constituencies 100 percent votes were cast and it needs no mention that ruling party candidates won victory in all these constituencies. It further shows 99 percent votes were cast in 127 polling centers, 98 percent in 204 centers, 97 votes in 358 centers and 96 percent votes were cast in 516 centers.
Moreover, in 587 polling centers of 75 constituencies all votes were cast in favor of the ruling party candidates; opposition candidates secured not a single vote to suggest that their access to those centers was totally shut.
Constitutional expert DrShahden Malik jokingly commented taking part in the discussion that in the 100 years history of parliamentary election nowhere people had voted hundred percent for a candidate when others were on the contest. Even it didn’t happen in the former Soviet Union where the communist party had ruled over the years.
He said voting statistics in over 200 centers suggest none even died in the areas of those polling centers; none failed to come to the centers to cast vote for ruling party candidate. He said anyone want to be immortal can relocate residence in those areas to escape death.
Columnist Syed AbulMaksodsimilarly said previously election results were grossly manipulated but now it shows the count gives hundred percent votes to ruling party candidates. This is how the election system has lost credibility, total relevance and no one now believes in the neutrality of our election system.
Such misuse of the system has almost shut the door of peaceful transfer of power through election. The government is thus becoming autocratic in one hand and the future of the nation is becoming vulnerable to violence on the other to get a regime change.
Actually who is to blame for the brinkmanship except blaming ourselves. A government becomes as bad as the people want so much to be bad. It can’t be denied that some people have played the key role to destroy the election system and public institutions to reach the nation at the critical level now we find.
The CEC and the entire election commission played to bring victory to the ruling party. Law enforcers and the entire government machinery who are recipients of lavish government salary, allowances and such other direct and indirect benefits worked with support of the government and the EC to manipulate the polls.
Prof Sirajul Islam Chowdhury of Dhaka University slammed on the intellectuals at a discussion in the campus on Wednesday openly charging them for betraying the nation.
He said they were supposed to guide the nation during crisis but they have opted the way for appeasing and slavery like Mirzafar – an infamous name use for betraying the nation.
He said when intellectuals loss their conscience, there remains none and nothing left to save the nation. Free press, free thinking are traded off for material gains of a section of people. The nation pays for it, he said.11.07.2019.

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