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Group exhibition evokes old Dhaka’s golden days

Cultural Correspondent
An ongoing group art exhibition at Shilpangan Gallery is portraying the lost exquisite heritage of Old Dhaka on beautiful canvases. The exhibition, titled, “Notundekhapuran Dhaka” features water colour paintings by various artists, and is organized by Joloj.
The exhibition is held as part of the celebration of 27 years of Shilpangon.
A total of 70 artworks are on display for visitors. Every canvas depicts the subtle beauty, legacy, architecture, and heritage buildings of the old town — and reminds the viewer of the glorious days of the past.
Over time, the old town has lost its glory and elegance. These paintings will help visitors to have a look into the past and take a walk down memory lane.
Cowk bazaar, Begum Bazaar, poribibiermazar, mosques, horses, loneliness of the residents of the town; all of these subjects have been portrayed on the canvases through beautiful brushstrokes by the artists. The displayed works are very colourful and vibrant.
“Tom Tom of Old Dhaka” by BiplobChakroborty shows people riding a horse carriage. Blue colour dominates the canvas — creating nostalgia.
Another displayed work, “Bahdur Shah Park Water Tank” by Azmal Uddin Palash illustrates a magnificent day from the past.
“From Rulpal House” by the same artist, shows a dark ally in the old town. Al AkhirSarker’s “Paribibirmazar” depicts the shrine in bright colours. The dominance of orange and green colour of the art piece represents the royal Mughal Empire.
Participating artists at the exhibition are: Mosiur Rahman Choudhury, Shaymal Biswas, Sadek Ahmed, Azmal Uddin Palash, Bishan Bhakta, Al-AkhirAarker, and Biplob Chakraborty.
The exhibition will be open for all from 3:00pm to 8:00pm, till May 12.

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