Teer, Rupchanda, Pusti mustard
oil are substandard: BSTI

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All major food brands have been found marketing substandard or adulterated food items in the market posing big threat to public health and major food safety. The disclosure has been made by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) ahead of Raamadan.
They carried out laboratory tests of samples of over 400 food items and found 18 such items of 52 brands substandard or adulterated that were owned by big businesses. RAB inspection found workers were filling bottles with old time expired edible oil at a store and arrested them.
RAB seized 12 tonnes of time expired dates from a stock at Sylhet on Tuesday, arrested the disshnest traders and heavily fines them.
The substandard or adulterated edible oil include popular edible oil of Teer brand, Rupchanda, and Pusti.Pusti has been fined Tk 7 lakhs and facing other litigations for marketing substandard food along with other RAB and other law enforcing agencies are probing.
Popular ACI and Molla are among salts with adulterated iodine, according to BSTI.BSTI came up with the list of the products at a news conference in Dhaka on Thursday after tests ahead of Ramadan.
The institution covertly collected 406 samples of 27 types of products which are very common for preparation of Sahri and Iftar, according to a BSTI media release.The companies that own the brands of the substandard products have already been served notices for explanation and measures will be taken against them shortly, it said.
The BSTI list of substandard products include:Mustard oil, Teer of City Oil, Rupchanda of Bangladesh Edible Oil, Pusti of Shabnam Vegetable Oil, GB of Green Blessings Oil.
Salt with adulterated iodineinclude ACI, Molla, Madhumati, Dada Super, Tin Teer, Madina, Starship, Taz, Noor.Lachchha vermicelliinclude Mishtimela, Madhuban, Mithai, Wellfood, Baghabarhi Special, Pran, Jeddah, Kiron, Amrita.
Noodles include Doodley of New Zealand Dairy.Adulterated turmeric powder include Danish, Fresh, Baghabarhi Special, Pran, Sun.Coriander powder include ACI Pure.Chips include Sun of Quasem Food Products.
“Special drives will be conducted to prevent the traders from producing, marketing, and selling substandard and adulterated food products and drinks during Ramadan,” Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said.
Mobile courts will be conducted in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country with the help of local administrations, officials said.
12 tonnes of expired dates seized
Meanwhile Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP) seized a huge stockpile of time expired imported dates in Sylhet yesterday afternoon.
In a joint drive at the fruit market near MuktijoddhaChattar of DakshinSurma in Sylhet city, they seized dates weighing over 12 tonnes.A mobile court also fined three traders Tk 1.40 lakh.
Rab-9 ASP Satyazit Kumar Ghosh and DNCRP Sylhet’s Assistant Director Jahangir Alam led the drive.
ASP Satyazit said, “On information, the joint drive was conducted. Such drive will be continued throughout the month of Ramadan.

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