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Photographs depict scenic beauty, wildlife

‘Glimpses of Photography’, four-day group exhibition features a total of 60 photographs by Renowned photographers Mahbubuzzaman, QuaziRownaq Hossain and Rashid Zaman concluded at the Zainul Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University last week.
The photographs were captured between 1953 and 2019.
Education minister DrDipu Moni inaugurated the exhibition on April 24. DE of the Faculty of Fine Arts artist Nisar Hossain was present as special guest at the event, which was presided over by national professor Anisuzzaman.
Photographer Mahbubuzzaman has exhibited black and white photographs which he captured between 1953 and 1963.
He has captured struggles of the marginalised people, rustic nature and others. His photograph titled ‘AnanderShoishab’ shows two children sitting on the bank of a river.
Another work titled ‘DurantaBashana’ shows a woman attired in a white sari smiling while holding a white stone in her right hand, while the photograph titled ‘JibonJekhaneJemon’ shows a man catching fish in river.
Acclaimed photojournalist QuaziRownaq Hossain has decades of experience under his belt. He has captured scenic beauty of Kashmir in India, breath-taking view of Niagara Falls in Canada, rare glimpse of Great Wall of China and others.
Rownaq’s photograph titled ‘Niagara Falls, Canada’ shows the amazing waterfalls that attracts a huge number of tourists from across the world.
Another photograph titled ‘GodhulirApurupMayamoyDirssha’ portrays the stunning view before sunset.
Rashid Zaman’s photographs depict diverse wild life, struggles of labourers and others.
An untitled photograph shows two crows sharing food.
Another photograph shows labourers taking a break at a construction site.
The exhibition will end today.

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